Monday, July 18, 2016

Should intolerance be fought with more intolerance?

Here is an example of so called "left wing" intolerance.
The objectives of "Planting Peace" are reasonable & essential, but the billboard that they have put up can be construed as very offensive to many people.

Just as to us actions & posters of Westboro Baptist Church members are unacceptable They violate all the norms of decency in a civilized society, by citing their (misunderstood) right to free speech.

One has to realize that the jury is still out on whether sexual preferences is a result of nature or of nurture or both. Each side points to studies to prove their point. While the discussion is necessary on academic levels, public spaces must be sexual preference neutral.

Does the left wing not loose their moral superiority by behaving just as badly as people on the other side of the political spectrum?; whose behavior ranges from extremely offensive, to simply retarded .

We thought the left wing wanted to raise the bar on the quality of our political discourse.