Monday, July 18, 2016

BIG fraud in NYC.

This is really outrageous. It looks as if De Blasio's supporters are shrinking even further. It is either sheer incompetence or something much worse to allow a resource for the most vulnerable in society - those dying of AIDS - to be sold of for profit. And even then there should be a public inquiry as to how such a huge profit was pilfered from the taxpayers of New York:
"Village Care sold Rivington House to the Allure Group for $28 million in February of 2015. Allure subsequently paid the city $16.1 million to lift the two deed restrictions from the building, which mandated that it be used solely for nonprofit, residential health services. Allure flipped the property to the Slate Group, luxury condo developers, for a $116 million in February after the restrictions were lifted."


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