Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pigheaded political opinionators.

Time and again we have seen how writers of political opinion pieces on CNN work to drive the conversations in a contrarian direction, just to become visible.

We do not have any issue with people having and expressing their own opinions, however when you have a mouthpiece as big as CNN we believe one must be more responsible and diligent in what one says.

The current executive leadership of America is far more sophisticated in its thoughts and its operations, than what can be commonly understood. Consider the Obama administration's response to the Russian takeover of Crimea & the hostilities perpetuated against Ukraine about 16 months ago. With a few phone calls and some paperwork, we brought down the entire Russian economy for a couple of months, does CNN analysts even understand it, in hindsight or did they foresee how that would've worked? They were too busy telling us how Nato would/should be giving a military response to Russia.

We will not get in to what Kerry is doing & why, we will wait & watch. But, we encourage you to read the Washington Post's JIG link provided in the CNN article and make up your own minds.

For us Americans Syria is nothing but expense, expense which must be paid by the US/IRAN/RUSSIA/SAUDI/IRAQ(with whatever oil they have)/UK & other Nato countries all of who interfered in Syria and destabilized it together, not the US alone.
While it was unacceptable to allow Bashar Assad to barrel bomb civilian neighborhoods, we believe the response must have come from the UN. Some people think the UN is too sluggish.

This is our opinion on why every country we mention is at fault.

US : Encouraged/sat on sidelines when so called Arab Spring belligerents were acting out in relatively stable Syria. Weaponized the FSA (Free Syrian Army),  the weapons eventually ended up with ISIS.
IRAN : Always tries to turn countries to have Shitte governments in the name of democracy, so that the Iranian clerics can gain hold of the populace's fancy and in turn control the policies of other countries. Assad was not beholden to Iran, before this mess started.
SAUDI : Always tries to counter balance IRAN, because they live under constant fear that once powerful enough, Iran will run them over. One of the sponsors of Arab Spring.
RUSSIA : Wary of US influence all over the world, constantly just does stuff to annoy us. Bombed hospitals in areas which were not under Assad's control.
IRAQ : The Shitte government marginalized the Sunni minority, making it easy for ISIS to get local recruits and being so lame.
UK : Once colonizing country now does the US & Israeli biddings, whatever shady stuff that involves.
Nato Countries : Turkey, Poland etc. usually do not care what someone is doing on their territory ( This includes ISIS & the US & who knows who else).